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Quintuply-bonded dichromium(I) complexes featuring metal-metal bond lengths of 1.74 A.
A series of complexes of the form [Cr2{m-h -ArNC(R)NAr}2], which all exhibit very short Cr Cr quintuple-bond lengths of approximately 1.74, are reported, from which metal–metal quintuple bonds are expected. Expand
Reactions of metal-metal quintuple bonds with alkynes: [2+2+2] and [2+2] cycloadditions.
The chemistry of transition-metal multiple bonding was recently reawakened by the recognition of the first isolable quintuply bonded dimeric chromium complex Cr2Ar’2 by Power and co-workers and the bonding analogy between the C C p components of alkynes and metal–metal d components in the quint uply bonded species was reviewed. Expand