Chun-Hsiung Lee

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The concept map proposed by Novak is a good tool to portray knowledge structure and to diagnose students’ misconception in education. However, most of the learning concept maps have to be constructed through the suggestions of experts or scholars in related realm. It is really a complicated and time-consuming knowledge acquisition process. The study(More)
Reading is a very important part in learning process. When reading the teaching materials of textbooks in a traditional way, students usually underline the main points and take notes to help memorizing, thinking and understanding the contents of the teaching materials. With the progress of network technology, e-learning has gradually become a new learning(More)
Some teachers adopt a blended learning model that combines traditional classroom teaching and an e-learning system. In this model, a teacher may teach the first few sessions in a classroom. After the students have established a general idea of the course, they can then proceed to on-line learning and interaction. This study aimed to discover the(More)
Existing instruction websites record learners’ portfolios, they only collect the browsing time and homepage information, without directly provide teachers with more data for further analyzing learner behaviors. Consequently, this investigation uses the learners’ portfolio left in the e-learning environment, and adopts “data mining” techniques to establish(More)
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