Chun-Hsiung Lan

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In evolutionary computation, Gaussian and Cauchy mutations are two popular mutation techniques and completely discussed in this study. It is known that Cauchy mutation has the better ability of escaping local optima, and Gaussian mutation is excellent in local convergence. However, there still exist some vague characteristics in the abilities of local(More)
In this article, we extend Cheng, Zhang and Wang [17] model studied pricing strategies in marketing. The objective is to find the optimal inventory and pricing strategies maximizing the net present value of total profit over the infinite horizon. It is important to control and maintain the inventories of deteriorating items for the modern corporation. We(More)
To achieve the optimal control of material removal rate (MRR) for a machining project, a Dynamic Machining Project Control (DMPC) Model is proposed under the considerations of order quantity and deadline constraints. This paper not only introduces material removal rate into the objective function dynamically, but also implements Calculus of Variations to(More)
The Maximal Profit Model for reaching an optimal design of the production line undergoing the limitations of obtainable resources is presented in this paper. This model is treated as an integer programming problem, and an efficient step-by-step algorithm to solve this problem is also constructed. In addition, it is discussed that the operation cost of a(More)
Ordering books on the Internet is obviously becoming a significant market. Retailing delivery (RD) service provides consumers with a self pick-up approach, so it is popular for those who cannot conveniently use home delivery service. E-service quality and logistics service quality are the key issues in e-commerce. A nonlinear model of loyalty is suggested(More)
In this research we aimed to explore the mediating role of knowledge management in the relationship between organizational culture, human resource development (HRD), and organizational effectiveness using a hypotheses model. The hypotheses model contends that organizational culture, HRD are preconditions required for effective knowledge management which is(More)
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