Chun-Hsien Chen

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With the increasing interest and emphasis on customer demands in new product development, customer requirements elicitation (CRE) and evaluation have secured a crucial position in the early stage of product conceptualization. As such, it is highly desired to have a systematic strategy for soliciting customer requirements effectively, and subsequently,(More)
The importance of customer requirement management in product development has been well recognized in both academia and industries alike. This paper provides a comprehensive review of the state-of-the-art research in this field. Customer requirement management entails various issues related to requirement elicitation, analysis and specification, as well as(More)
Constructive learning algorithms ooer an approach to incremental construction of near-minimal ar-tiicial neural networks for pattern classiication. Examples of such algorithms include Tower, Pyramid, Upstart, and Tiling algorithms which construct multilayer networks of threshold logic units or, multi-layer perceptrons. These algorithms diier in terms of the(More)