Chun-Hsi Chen

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The lengths of 5’UTRs of multicellular eukaryotes have been suggested to be subject to stochastic changes, with upstream start codons (uAUGs) as the major constraint to suppress 5’UTR elongation. However, this stochastic model cannot fully explain the variations in 5’UTR length. We hypothesize that the selection pressure on a combination of genomic features(More)
Organismal complexity is suggested to increase with the complexity of transcriptional and translational regulations. Supporting this notion is a recent study that demonstrated a higher level of tissue-specific gene expression in human than in mouse. However, whether this correlation can be extended beyond mammals remains unclear. In addition, 5'(More)
Public security, traffic management, and service for the people are the 3 major functions of policing in Taiwan. This definition encompasses not only the traditional job characteristics, but also the level of contextual characteristics and social characteristics because of police work's characteristics and its frequent interaction with the public. Thus, the(More)
The authors investigated the mechanism of group cohesion in the relationship between (a) task interdependence and goal interdependence and (b) individuals' organizational citizenship behavior (OCB). The authors adopted a multilevel perspective to facilitate understanding of the complex relations among variables. They collected data from 53 supervisors and(More)
This research examined the role of leader’s spiritual values in terms of the “servant leadership” in the process of promoting employee’s autonomous motivation and eudaemonic well-being. Sample consists of 265 Chinese supervisor-subordinate dyads recruited from a variety of industries in Taiwan. Spiritual values perceived by the subordinates, as well as the(More)
The length evolution of 5’ untranslated regions (5’UTRs) is a fundamental issue in molecular evolution. 5’UTRs are important for both transcriptional and translational regulations. These regulatory regions are suggested to elongate with increased organismal complexity and decreased effective population size. However, the factors that determine the lengths(More)
Human-specific small insertions and deletions (HS indels, with lengths ,100 bp) are reported to be ubiquitous in the human genome. However, whether these indels contribute to human-specific traits remains unclear. Here we employ a modified McDonald–Kreitman (MK) test and a combinatorial population genetics approach to infer, respectively, the occurrence of(More)
While the Indonesian government is providing more activities to the development of lecturers in the period of educational reform, the study indicates the existence of perceived pressures derived from the incompatibility to balance work and family requested roles. This study examines the sources and outcomes of the work-family conflict among Indonesian(More)
Small insertions and deletions ("indels" with size ≦ 100 bp) whose lengths are not multiples of three (non-3n) are strongly constrained and depleted in protein-coding sequences. Such a constraint has never been reported in noncoding genomic regions. In 5'untranslated regions (5'UTRs) in mammalian genomes, upstream start codons (uAUGs) and upstream open(More)
This paper investigates how ages, tenure, employee’s rank and work status related to perception of direct and indirect compensations fulfillment in a hazardous work environment. This study found that age, tenure, employee’s rank and work status are positively related to perception of direct and indirect compensations fulfillment. Implication for research(More)