Chun Hong Kang

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[1] Studies were conducted as part of Asian Pacific Regional Aerosol Characterization Experiment (ACE-Asia) to characterize the major ion and elemental composition of aerosol particle samples collected at Gosan, an ACE-Asia supersite (GOS, Korea, total suspended particle or TSP samples) and at Zhenbeitai (ZBT, China, TSP and particles < 2.5 mm diameter or(More)
Properties of high quality graphene synthesized using chemical vapor deposition (CVD) are reported. Parameters such as the rate and time of gas flow are varied during synthesis. The as-grown graphene is then transferred onto oxidized silicon substrate by employing single and double layer polymer-based techniques. Next, surface morphology, electrical and(More)
A new method for characterization of periodically poled crystals is developed based on spontaneous parametric down-conversion. The method is demonstrated on crystals of Y:LiNbO3, Mg:Y:LiNbO3 with non-uniform periodically poled structures, obtained directly under Czochralski growth procedure and designed for application of 1.064 μm-pumped OPO in the mid(More)
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