Chun Ho Chan

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Nature frequently utilizes opposing factors to create a stable activator gradient to robustly control pattern formation. This study employs a biomimicry approach, by delivery of both angiogenic and antiangiogenic factors from spatially restricted zones of a synthetic polymer to achieve temporally stable and spatially restricted angiogenic zones in vivo. The(More)
We present iSyn, a WebGL-based tool for interactivede novo drug design. It features an evolutionary algorithm that automatically designs novel ligands with drug-like properties and synthetic feasibility using click chemistry. Isyn interfaces with our popular and fast molecular docking engine idock, remarkably reducing the evaluation and ranking time of drug(More)
We present iSyn, an evolutionary algorithm that automatically designs de novo ligands with high predicted binding affinity and drug-like properties. It attempts to optimize candidate ligands in accordance with click chemistry and thus ensures chemical synthesizability. In addition to the existing genetic operators of mutation and crossover inherited from(More)
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