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Because of the limitations of existing methods and techniques for directly obtaining real-time blood data, no accurate microflow in vivo real-time analysis method exists. To establish a novel technical platform for real-time in vivo detection and to analyze average blood pressure and other blood flow parameters, a small, accurate, flexible, and nontoxic(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the characteristics of thyroglossal tract cyst epidemiology and summarize how to improve the operation therapeutic effect. METHODS The clinic appearance, the pathological characteristics and the therapeutic effect of the 60 thyroglossal tract cyst cases were analyzed. RESULTS Thyroglossal tract cyst mostly occurred in children and(More)
SUMMARY Carotid-ophthalmic fistula is a rare disease, which can be treated by transvenous endovascular embolization. Here, we report a unique case with draining vein thrombosed, making a transvenous approach impossible. An old but valuable technique, direct transcutaneous puncture of the superior ophthalmic vein, was used to save the patient's right eye.(More)
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