Chun Guo

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American trypanosomiasis, or Chagas' disease, is the leading cause of heart disease in Latin America. Currently there is an urgent need to develop antitrypanosomal therapy due to the toxicity of existing agents and emerging drug resistance. A novel series of potent thio semicarbazone small-molecule inhibitors of the Trypanosoma cruzi cysteine protease(More)
Feistel constructions have been shown to be indifferentiable from random permutations at STOC 2011. Whereas how to properly mix the keys into an un-keyed Feistel construction without appealing to domain separation technique to obtain a block cipher which is provably secure against known-key and chosen-key attacks (or to obtain an ideal cipher) remains an(More)
The Plasmodium falciparum cysteine protease falcipain-2, one of the most promising targets for antimalarial drug design, plays a key role in parasite survival as a major peptide hydrolase within the hemoglobin degradation pathway. In this work, a series of novel dihydroartemisinin derivatives based on (thio)semicarbazone scaffold were designed and(More)
In order to develop novel chemotherapeutic agents with potent anticancer activities, we designed four series of novel compounds employing hybridization strategy. Twenty novel dihydroartemisinin-coumarin hybrids, 10a-e, 11a-e, 12a-e, 13a-e, were synthesized via click chemistry in this study and their structures were characterized by HRMS and NMR. The(More)
Iterated Even-Mansour scheme (IEM) is a generalization of the basic 1-round proposal (ASIACRYPT '91). The scheme can use one key, two keys, or completely independent keys. Most of the published security proofs for IEM against relate-key and chosen-key attacks focus on the case where all the round-keys are derived from a single master key. Whereas results(More)
The low atmospheric pressure and low oxygen content in high-altitude environment have great impacts on the functions of human body. Especially for the personnel engaged in complicated physical labor such as tunnel construction, high altitude can cause a series of adverse physiological reactions, which may result in multiple high-altitude diseases and even(More)
A series of novel benzofuran-triazole hybrids was designed and synthesized by click chemistry, and their structures were characterized by HRMS, FTIR and NMR. The in vitro antifungal activity of target compounds was evaluated using the microdilution broth method against five strains of pathogenic fungi. The result indicated that the target compounds(More)
During July 2015, physicians at a hospital in Beijing, China, diagnosed rabies in 2 patients who had each received a kidney from a common organ donor who had died from acute progressive encephalitis of unknown cause. The patients had rabies incubation periods of 42 and 48 days. Altered mental status developed in both patients and progressively worsened to(More)
Shannon defined an ideal (κ, n)-blockcipher as a secrecy system consisting of 2 κ independent n-bit random permutations. This work revisits the following question: in the ideal cipher model, can a cascade of several ideal (κ, n)-blockciphers realize 2 2κ independent n-bit random permutations, i.e. an ideal (2κ, n)-blockcipher? The motivation goes back to(More)