Chun Guo

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Feistel constructions have been shown to be indifferentiable from random permutations at STOC 2011. Whereas how to properly mix the keys into an un-keyed Feistel construction without appealing to domain separation technique to obtain a block cipher which is provably secure against known-key and chosen-key attacks (or to obtain an ideal cipher) remains an(More)
Iterated Even-Mansour scheme (IEM) is a generalization of the basic 1-round proposal (ASIACRYPT '91). The scheme can use one key, two keys, or completely independent keys. Most of the published security proofs for IEM against relate-key and chosen-key attacks focus on the case where all the round-keys are derived from a single master key. Whereas results(More)
Shannon defined an ideal (κ, n)-blockcipher as a secrecy system consisting of 2 κ independent n-bit random permutations. This work revisits the following question: in the ideal cipher model, can a cascade of several ideal (κ, n)-blockciphers realize 2 2κ independent n-bit random permutations, i.e. an ideal (2κ, n)-blockcipher? The motivation goes back to(More)
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