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Four oil component-degrading bacteria and one oil-tolerant microalgae, Scenedesmus obliquus GH2, were used to construct an artificial microalgal-bacterial consortium for crude-oil degradation. The bacterial strains included Sphingomonas GY2B and Burkholderia cepacia GS3C, along with a mixed culture, named GP3, containing Pseudomonas GP3A and Pandoraea(More)
Feistel constructions have been shown to be indifferentiable from random permutations at STOC 2011. Whereas how to properly mix the keys into an un-keyed Feistel construction without appealing to domain separation technique to obtain a block cipher which is provably secure against known-key and chosen-key attacks (or to obtain an ideal cipher) remains an(More)
Iterated Even-Mansour scheme (IEM) is a generalization of the basic 1-round proposal (ASIACRYPT ’91). The scheme can use one key, two keys, or completely independent keys. Most of the published security proofs for IEM against relate-key and chosen-key attacks focus on the case where all the round-keys are derived from a single master key. Whereas results(More)
A straightforward theoretical routine is proposed to design shadowing masks which are used for preparing uniform coatings on flat as well as strongly curved spherical substrates with large diameters in planetary rotation system. By approximating a spherical substrate in planetary rotation to a corresponding flat substrate in simple rotation around the(More)
The low atmospheric pressure and low oxygen content in high-altitude environment have great impacts on the functions of human body. Especially for the personnel engaged in complicated physical labor such as tunnel construction, high altitude can cause a series of adverse physiological reactions, which may result in multiple high-altitude diseases and even(More)
A quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) sensor based on molecularly imprinted ultra-thin films was developed for detecting profenofos in real samples. Films prepared by physical entrapment (MIP-A) and in situ self-assembly (MIP-B) were compared. The results indicated that the best sensing signal was obtained through the in situ self-assembly method. The QCM(More)
We revisit the t-round Even-Mansour (EM) scheme with random oracle key derivation previously considered by Andreeva et al. (CRYPTO 2013), namely, xork ◦Pt ◦ xork ◦ . . . ◦ xork ◦P2 ◦ xork ◦P1 ◦ xork, where P1, . . . ,Pt stand for t independent n-bit random permutations, xork is the operation of xoring with the n-bit round-key k = H(K) for a κ-to-n-bit bit(More)
Domain extender for the ideal cipher was firstly studied by Coron et al. (TCC 2010). The construction given by them doubles the domain. To extend the domain by a factor of t > 2, recursively applying their extender requires using the cipher exponential times, i.e. O ( t l o g 2 3 ) $\mathcal {O}(t^{log_{2}3})$ . In this paper, we describe an improved(More)