Chun-Gang Zhu

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In this paper, numerical solution of the Burgers’ equation is presented based on the cubic B-spline quasi-interpolation. At first the cubic B-spline quasi-interpolation is introduced. Moreover, the numerical scheme is presented, by using the derivative of the quasi-interpolation to approximate the spatial derivative of the dependent variable and a low order(More)
The signed distance function can effectively support many geometry processing tasks such as decimates, smoothing and shape reconstruction since it provides efficient access to distance estimates. In this talk, we present an adaptive method to approximate the signed distance function of a smooth curve by using polynomial splines over type-2 triangulation.(More)
A method was established to measure the concentrations of dissolved reactive phosphate (DRP) and dissolved ferrous iron (Fe) in micro-volume solution samples through colorimetric determination in large batch using a 384-well Microplate Spectrophotometer. Concentrations of DRP and dissolved Fe were determined by the molybdenum blue and phenanthroline(More)