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An annually resolved and absolutely dated ring-width chronology spanning 4,500 y has been constructed using subfossil, archaeological, and living-tree juniper samples from the northeastern Tibetan Plateau. The chronology represents changing mean annual precipitation and is most reliable after 1500 B.C. Reconstructed precipitation for this period displays a(More)
There is controversy regarding the limiting climatic factor for tree radial growth at the alpine treeline on the northeastern Tibetan Plateau. In this study, we collected 594 increment cores from 331 trees, grouped within four altitude belts spanning the range 3550 to 4020 m.a.s.l. on a single hillside. We have developed four equivalent ring-width(More)
The use of organic compost combined with inorganic fertilizer can enable balanced fertilization under intensive farming conditions, but little is known about how these fertilization practices affect the composition of microbial in arable soils. In this study, a field trial of a rice–wheat cropping system was established to examine the effects of 8 years of(More)
In the National Natural Reserve of the Qilian Mountains, northwest China, automated dendrometers were installed on Qilian juniper (Sabina przewalskii Kom.) in 2010. Here, we present a complete 1-year data series of dendrometer measurements and synchronous meteorological records. The mean daily radius change index curve obtained by first-difference(More)
An investigation about metal contamination on agricultural soils was carried out near an abandoned copper mine in eastern China. Results showed the average concentrations of Cu, Pb, Zn and Cd in the 155 soil samples were 147, 53.8, 158, 0.32 mg kg(-1) respectively, which were 4.6-, 2.2-, 2-, 1.7-fold of the corresponding background value. According to the(More)
Dietary protein restriction is not only beneficial to health and longevity in humans, but also protects against air pollution and minimizes feeding cost in livestock production. However, its impact on amino acid (AA) absorption and metabolism is not quite understood. Therefore, the study aimed to explore the effect of protein restriction on nitrogen(More)
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