Chun-Fang Tung

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OBJECTIVE Adenosine regulates inflammation and tissue repair, and adenosine A2A receptors promote wound healing by stimulating collagen matrix production. We therefore examined whether adenosine A2A receptors contribute to the pathogenesis of dermal fibrosis. METHODS Collagen production by primary human dermal fibroblasts was analyzed by real-time(More)
The coincidence of hemolysis, elevated liver enzymes, and low platelet count (HELLP) syndrome and cortical blindness is an uncommon but very dramatic event. We describe a case of HELLP syndrome complicating with acute cortical blindness before delivery. A 27 year-old woman, gravida 1, para 0, with normal medical history, was referred to our emergency(More)
We report a case of gastric bezoar-induced gastric outlet obstruction that was successfully treated with a combination of endoscopic injection and irrigation with Coca Cola. A 73-year-old diabetic woman had a history of perforated peptic ulcer and had received pyloroplasty more than 20 years previously. She had been ingesting Pho Pu Zi (Cordia dichotoma(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Hepatocellular carcinoma is one of the most common malignancies in Taiwan, a hepatitis B endemic area. In this study, we aimed to evaluate the characteristics of hepatocellular carcinoma in patients receiving hemodialysis, as this patient group is at high risk for malignancy. METHODOLOGY From October 1991 to September 1997, thirteen(More)
BACKGROUND Abnormal gastric slow-wave frequencies have been observed in diabetic gastroparesis. To evaluate the effect of cisapride on gastric dysrhythmia and emptying of indigestible solids, 20 type-II diabetic patients with symptoms suggestive of gastroparesis were enrolled in this study. METHODS Cutaneous electrogastrography, gastric emptying of(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Jaundice resulting from severe bacterial infection is well known, particularly in pediatric literature. Extremely high levels of alkaline phosphatase (ALP) have rarely been emphasized as a manifestation of bacteremia in adults. The aim of this study was to evaluate the characteristics of extremely high levels of ALP in adult patients as a(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS Hepatocellular carcinoma is part of the natural history of liver cirrhosis. Gastrointestinal bleeding and hepatic failure are the leading causes of death in hepatocellular carcinoma patients. With gastrointestinal bleeding, variceal bleeding is the most prominent, and most variceal bleeding is of esophageal origin. Gastric varices bleeding(More)
BACKGROUND The prevalence of antinuclear antibody (ANA) has been documented in patients with hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. We attempted to determine the titer and to characterize the patterns and clinical significance of ANA in HCV infection. STUDY Forty-eight consecutive patients with positive anti-HCV antibody and positive HCV RNA were included in(More)
BACKGROUND Gastrointestinal symptoms without demonstrable lesions in the upper gastrointestinal tract are common in diabetic patients. Scintigraphic liquid- and solid-phase gastric emptying studies and gastric emptying of indigestible particles were performed to determine the gastric emptying function in type-II diabetes mellitus patients with dyspepsia. (More)