Chun-Fai Law

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— Key management has long been a challenging problem in wireless Distributed Sensor Networks (DSNs) due to their high security requirements and strict resource constraints. Recently, a randomized key pre-distribution scheme has been introduced to serve as a practical solution and many improvements are subsequently proposed. These schemes mainly focus on key(More)
— This work envisions the benefits of applying the Instant Messaging (IM) paradigm in pervasive computing environments. With IM in such an environment, all smart entities, human or not, can interact using IM as the unified interface. To realize this vision, the design of a Smart Instant Messaging (SIM) system is proposed, which features context-aware(More)
— Security is always a critical issue in wireless sensor networks (WSNs). Among all threats, node capture attack is one of the most challenging problems. When an adversary physically captures one or more sensor nodes, all the information stored on these nodes may be exposed completely. Consequently, the adversary can use the information to attack the(More)
In this paper, we explore the potential of extrapolating the instant messaging paradigm into pervasive computing environments. Under this vision, an instant messenger is regarded as a unified interface for all communications among human, software services and various devices. To meet the demands, we introduce a novel instant messenger system i.e., Smart(More)
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