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The Korean pen shell Atrina pectinata is a commercially valuable species in Korea. The commercial catch of this fish has decreased continuously since 1990. However, its genetic characteristics have never been studied. In order to explore the population genetic structure of this species, 125 pen shells sampled from three major habitats along the western(More)
Pen shell (Atrina pectinata) is a popular food source with a high commercial value in a number of Asian Pacific areas. The natural A. pectinata population has been declining continuously over the past several decades. Microsatellite DNA markers are a useful DNA-based tool for monitoring the genetic variation of pen shell populations. In this study, 20(More)
In this study, we developed 20 polymorphic microsatellite markers for the Korean black scraper, Thamnaconus modestus (Günther, 1877), Monacanthidae, and used them to compare allelic variation between wild and hatchery populations in Korea. All loci were readily amplified and demonstrated allelic variability, with the number of alleles ranging from 5-35 in(More)
Prevalence of atopic dermatitis (AD) is increasing worldwide. Up to date, there has been no face-to-face nation-wide study in China. We aim to explore the prevalence of clinical diagnosed AD in children aged 1-7 ys in China. Twelve metropolises were chosen from different areas of China. In each region, we selected 4-10 kindergartens and 2-5 vaccination(More)
A robot workstation for welding nozzle onto header is introduced. Consisting of a welding robot and a measuring robot, the workstation implements boiler header welding automatically. Then, a method to generate welding track for the welding robot is presented, and collision avoidance for the welding robot within limited space by artificial potential field is(More)
In order to find out the industrial characteristics and development trend of radio and TV industry in China, the developing course of this industry has been analysis from labor productivity, based on contrastive analysis and diagrammatic analysis. By comparison to three major industries, the developing rapidly and hopeful road has been exposed, and before(More)