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This article continues the discussion of a traveling-wave piezoelectric linear motor. Part I of this article dealt with the design and analysis of the stator of a traveling-wave piezoelectric linear motor. In this part, the discussion focuses on the structure and modeling of the contact layer and the carriage. In addition, the performance analysis and(More)
A 6DOF Stewart platform driven by piezoelectric actuators was designed for nanoscale positioning. A measurement method to directly measure the pose (position and orientation) of the end-effector is investigated in this article. By means of the measured parameters task-space on-line control objective can thus achieve. The design of the sensor holder for(More)
In this article, hysteresis controller design and static error compensation method for a 6-dof micro-positioning platform driven by piezoelectric actuator is studied. The nonlinear hysteresis effect of the piezoelectric actuator is analyzed by means of Preisach model. Its inverse model is used as the feedforward controller. Error compensation method is(More)
In this article, speed control for a platform driven by a wedge-type piezoelectric motor is investigated. Such a motion control system is subject to disturbance like friction, preload and operating temperature change, so that a predictive linear relation between the applied input voltage and the output platform velocity is difficult to keep. Especially,(More)
In this article, a Cartesian coordinate nano-scale positioning platform driven by stack-type piezoelectric actuator associated with flexure hinge mechanism is developed. Structural design and analysis, system identification, and feedforward controller design to deal with the hysteresis effect, as well as and the feedback PID controller designed by use of(More)
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