Chun Chieh Lin

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We have previously shown that colon irritation (CI) in neonates results in chronic visceral hypersensitivity in adult rats, associated with central neuronal sensitization in the absence of identifiable peripheral pathology. The purpose of this study is to assess the relative contribution of peripheral mechanisms to chronic visceral hypersensitivity by(More)
Agrobacterium sp. ATCC31749 is an efficient curdlan producer at low pH and under nitrogen starvation. The helix-turn-helix transcriptional regulatory protein (crdR) essential for curdlan production has been analyzed, but whether crdR directly acts to cause expression of the curdlan biosynthesis operon (crdASC) is uncertain. To elucidate the molecular(More)
Quasi-phase-matching (QPM) has enriched the capacity of parametric down-conversion (PDC) in generating biphotons for many fundamental tests and advanced applications. However, it is not clear how the nonidealities and randomness in the QPM grating of a parametric down-converter may affect the quantum properties of the biphotons. This paper intends to(More)
BACKGROUND Surveillance in patients with previous polypectomy was underused in the Medicare population in 1994. This study investigates whether expansion of Medicare reimbursement for colonoscopy screening in high-risk individuals has reduced the inappropriate use of surveillance. METHODS We used Kaplan-Meier analysis to estimate time to surveillance and(More)
Lamivudine is a potent nucleoside analogue used in treating chronic hepatitis B (CHB). However, resistance to the drug remains a problem. We analyzed all lamivudine recipients in this trial to determine the baseline characteristics and a model to predict early virological response reflecting the long-term effect of lamivudine. In this prospective trial, 230(More)
We have measured the electron-impact excitation cross sections out of the two metastable levels of Kr into the ten levels of the 4p(5)5p configuration. For a common 4p(5)5p final level, the peak excitation cross sections out of the two individual 4p(5)5s metastable levels are found to differ by 1 to 2 orders of magnitude. This is explained by the special(More)
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