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Single-Switch High-Power-Factor Inverter Driving Piezoelectric Ceramic Transducer for Ultrasonic Cleaner
A novel single-switch resonant inverter with a power-factor-correction (PFC) scheme is proposed to drive a piezoelectric ceramic transducer for an ultrasonic cleaner. Expand
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Continuous numerical aperture properties of a cylindrically polarized light illuminated sub-wavelength annular aperture.
We investigated the process of focusing a radially polarized (RP) light beam through a sub-wavelength annular aperture (SAA). We found that the result was a non-diffraction doughnut-shaped light beamExpand
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5.4 GHz high-Q bandpass filter for wireless sensor network system
This research reveals the realization of 5.4 GHz radio frequency bandpass filter utilizing film bulk acoustic wave resonator (FBAR) technology. It can be applied to wireless sensor network systems.Expand
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Semiconductor structure with reduction of Übergangskriechstroms
There is provided a semiconductor structure that includes: a semiconductor substrate, a first well region, a second well region, an active region, a shallow trench isolation (STI) and at least oneExpand
Experiment and Simulation on the Continuous Numerical Aperture Proposition of Sub-wavelength Annular Aperture
We focused the radial polarized light beam onto a sub-wavelength annular aperture (SAA) and compared the characteristics of SAA and traditional objective lens. We propose that SAA is a continuousExpand
Analytical Model for Thermal Elastoplastic Stresses of Functionally Graded Materials
A modification analytical model is presented for the thermal elastoplastic stresses of functionally graded materials subjected to thermal loading. The presented model follows the analytical schemeExpand
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