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—Consider a centralized hierarchical cloud-based multimedia system (CMS) consisting of a resource manager, cluster heads, and server clusters, in which the resource manager assigns clients' requests for multimedia service tasks to server clusters according to the task characteristics, and then each cluster head distributes the assigned task to the servers(More)
It has been known that the structural transition from PrP(C) to PrP(Sc) leads to the prion formation. This putative conformational change challenges the central dogma of the protein folding theory-"one sequence, one structure." Generally, scientists believe that there must be either a posttranslational modification or environmental factors involved in this(More)
Home delivery service is one of the most important cost drivers in e-commerce industry. We consider the three-dimensional container packing problem under home delivery service, where each rectangular item with its specific destination is loaded orthogonally onto a rectangular container so that the utilization rate of the container space is maximized. In our(More)
A potential field approach, coupled with force-directed methods , is proposed in this paper for drawing graphs with nonuniform nodes in 2-D and 3-D. In our framework, nonuniform nodes are uniformly or nonuniformly charged, while edges are modelled by springs. Using certain techniques developed in the field of potential-based path planning, we are able to(More)
Visualizing graphs has been studied extensively in the community of graph drawing and information visualization over the years. In some applications, the user is required to interact with a graph by making slight changes to the underlying graph structure. To visualize graphs in such an interactive environment, it is desirable that the differences between(More)
In boundary labeling, each point site is uniquely connected to a label placed on the boundary of an enclosing rectangle by a leader, which may be a rectilinear or straight line segment. To our knowledge, all the results reported in the literature for boundary labeling deal with the so-called one-to-one boundary labeling, i.e., different sites are labelled(More)
(a) (b) (c) Figure 1: Vienna metro map. (a) Geographical layout. (b) Conventional MIP layout. (c) Customized layout using our approach. Abstract When providing travel guides for a specific route in a metro network, we often place the route around the center of the map and annotate stations on the route with thumbnail photographs. Nonetheless, existing(More)