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Sparse coding has received an increasing amount of interest in recent years. It is an unsupervised learning algorithm, which finds a basis set capturing high-level semantics in the data and learns sparse coordinates in terms of the basis set. Originally applied to modeling the human visual cortex, sparse coding has been shown useful for many applications.(More)
Analysis of opinions, known as opinion mining or sentiment analysis, has attracted a great deal of attention recently due to many practical applications and challenging research problems. In this article, we study two important problems, namely, opinion lexicon expansion and opinion target extraction. Opinion targets (targets, for short) are entities and(More)
In most sentiment analysis applications, the sentiment lexicon plays a key role. However, it is hard, if not impossible, to collect and maintain a universal sentiment lexicon for all application domains because different words may be used in different domains. The main existing technique extracts such sentiment words from a large domain corpus based on(More)
In this paper, the multiple trajectory search (MTS) is presented for large scale global optimization. The MTS uses multiple agents to search the solution space concurrently. Each agent does an iterated local search using one of three candidate local search methods. By choosing a local search method that best fits the landscape of a solutionpsilas(More)
Seamless roaming over wireless network is highly desirable to mobile users, and security such as authentication of mobile users is challenging. Recently, due to tamper-resistance and convenience in managing a password file, some smart card based secure authentication schemes have been proposed. This paper shows some security weaknesses in those schemes. As(More)
Manifold Ranking (MR), a graph-based ranking algorithm, has been widely applied in information retrieval and shown to have excellent performance and feasibility on a variety of data types. Particularly, it has been successfully applied to content-based image retrieval, because of its outstanding ability to discover underlying geometrical structure of the(More)
The desirability of being able to search for specific persons in surveillance videos captured by different cameras has increasingly motivated interest in the problem of person re-identification, which is a critical yet under-addressed challenge in multi-camera tracking systems. The main difficulty of person re-identification arises from the variations in(More)
Dysfunction of lymphatic valves underlies human lymphedema, yet the process of valve morphogenesis is poorly understood. Here, we show that during embryogenesis, lymphatic valve leaflet formation is initiated by upregulation of integrin-alpha9 expression and deposition of its ligand fibronectin-EIIIA (FN-EIIIA) in the extracellular matrix. Endothelial(More)
Extracting binary strings from real-valued biometric templates is a fundamental step in many biometric template protection systems, such as fuzzy commitment, fuzzy extractor, secure sketch, and helper data systems. Previous work has been focusing on the design of optimal quantization and coding for each single feature component, yet the binary(More)