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Analysis of opinions, known as opinion mining or sentiment analysis, has attracted a great deal of attention recently due to many practical applications and challenging research problems. In this article, we study two important problems, namely, opinion lexicon expansion and opinion target extraction. Opinion targets (targets, for short) are entities and(More)
Sparse coding has received an increasing amount of interest in recent years. It is an unsupervised learning algorithm, which finds a basis set capturing high-level semantics in the data and learns sparse coordinates in terms of the basis set. Originally applied to modeling the human visual cortex, sparse coding has been shown useful for many applications.(More)
In most sentiment analysis applications, the sentiment lexicon plays a key role. However, it is hard, if not impossible, to collect and maintain a universal sentiment lexicon for all application domains because different words may be used in different domains. The main existing technique extracts such sentiment words from a large domain corpus based on(More)
In this paper, the multiple trajectory search (MTS) is presented for large scale global optimization. The MTS uses multiple agents to search the solution space concurrently. Each agent does an iterated local search using one of three candidate local search methods. By choosing a local search method that best fits the landscape of a solutionpsilas(More)
Seamless roaming over wireless network is highly desirable to mobile users, and security such as authen-tication of mobile users is challenging. Recently, due to tamper-resistance and convenience in managing a password file, some smart card based secure authentication schemes have been proposed. This paper shows some security weaknesses in those schemes. As(More)
Manifold Ranking (MR), a graph-based ranking algorithm, has been widely applied in information retrieval and shown to have excellent performance and feasibility on a variety of data types. Particularly, it has been successfully applied to content-based image retrieval, because of its outstanding ability to discover underlying geometrical structure of the(More)
The luminance of a natural scene is often of high dynamic range (HDR). In this paper, we propose a new scheme to handle HDR scenes by integrating locally adaptive scene detail capture and suppressing gradient reversals introduced by the local adaptation. The proposed scheme is novel for capturing an HDR scene by using a standard dynamic range (SDR) device(More)
Real-time search dictates that new contents be made available for search immediately following their creation. From the database perspective, this requirement may be quite easily met by creating an up-to-date index for the contents and measuring search quality by the time gap between insertion time and availability of the index. This approach, however,(More)
Social tagging is becoming increasingly popular in many Web 2.0 applications where users can annotate resources (e.g. Web pages) with arbitrary keywords (i.e. tags). A tag recommendation module can assist users in tagging process by suggesting relevant tags to them. It can also be directly used to expand the set of tags annotating a resource. The benefits(More)
—Seamless roaming over wireless networks is highly desirable to mobile users, and security such as authentication of mobile users is challenging. In this paper, we propose a privacy-preserving universal authentication protocol, called Priauth, which provides strong user anonymity against both eavesdroppers and foreign servers, session key establishment, and(More)