Chun-Chang Wu

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"Jinchuang ointment" is a traditional Chinese herbal medicine complex for treatment of incised wounds. For more than ten years, it has been used at China Medical University Hospital (Taichung, Taiwan) for the treatment of diabetic foot infections and decubitus ulcers. Three different cases are presented in this study. "Jinchuang" ointment is a mixture of(More)
A self-sustained multi-sensor platform for indoor environmental monitoring is proposed in this paper. To reduce the cost and power consumption of the sensing platform, in the developed platform, organic materials of PEDOT:PSS and PEDOT:PSS/EB-PANI are used as the sensing films for humidity and CO₂ detection, respectively. Different from traditional gas(More)
a solar-powered on-chip power management unit system with single-inductor dual-output (SIDO) DC-DC boost converter was proposed for a wireless sensor node system. The proposed start-up mechanism could reduce the start-up time under 30 milliseconds. Furthermore, the high voltage selector, automatic body selector and modified feed-forward control were also(More)
This work explores annealed cooperative–competitive learning of multiple modules of Mahalanobis normalized radial basis functions (NRBF) with applications to nonlinear function approximation and chaotic differential function approximation. A multilayer neural network is extended to be composed of multiple Mahalanobis-NRBF modules. Each module activates(More)
Sleep apnea is a serious sleep disorder, and the most common type is obstructive sleep apnea (OSA). Untreated OSA will cause lots of potential health problems. Oral appliance therapy is an effective and popular approach for OSA treatment, but making a perfect fit for each patient is time-consuming and decreases its efficiency considerably. This paper(More)
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