Chumsak Sibunruang

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Due to the flood of pornographic web sites on the internet, content-based web filtering has become an important technique to detect and filter inappropriate information on the web. This is because pornographic web sites contain many sexually oriented texts, images, and other information that can be helpful to filter them. In this paper, we build and examine(More)
With the increasing of the number of digital television (TV) channels in Thailand, this becomes a problem of information overload for TV viewers. There are mass numbers of TV programs to watch but the information about these programs is poor. Therefore, this work presents a personalized recommendation system on mobile device to recommend a TV program that(More)
digital Library is a way to represent, retrieval, and study Thai E-san culture heritages without directly accessing and touching. It may help to reduce a dilapidation of Thai E-san culture heritages. We commence our project with organizing a collection of images through classification technique. Therefore, this work is motivated by two main drivers.(More)
To retrieve the videos having content relating to Local Thai basketry, creating video's indexes is vital because indexes allow users to more quickly find video for specific individuals. In this work, it aims to propose a novel methodology of video indexing. The proposed methodology consists of two main processing stages. The first stage is to capture video(More)
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