Chum Mok Puah

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Serum testosterone (T) and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) were measured by a sensitive and reliable radioimmunoassay in 42 normal subjects and 33 age-matched patients with carcinoma of the prostate. The mean +/- s.e. for serum testosterone in normal subjects was 16.74 +/- 0.76nM and the corresponding value for patients with carcinoma was 20.94 +/- 1.48nM.(More)
The relationship between the concentrations of oestradiol, testosterone, dihydrotestosterone (DHT) and 5 alpha-androstane-3 alpha, 17 beta-diol in circulating blood and prostatic tissues was studied in patients with benign prostatic hypertrophy (BPH) and carcinoma of the prostate. All steroids were measured by radioimmunoassay. In patients with BPH the(More)
Platelet-activating factor receptor (PAFR) is a member of G-protein coupled receptor (GPCR) superfamily. Understanding the regulation mechanisms of PAFR by its agonists and antagonists at the atomic level is essential for designing PAFR antagonists as drug candidates for treating PAF-mediated diseases. In this study, a 3D model of PAFR was constructed by a(More)
Levels of unconjugated testosterone, 5alpha-dihydrotestosterone, oestradiol and progesterone in human urine were measured before and after storage at various temperatures. Specific radioimmunoassays were used for all measurements. Levels did not change at -20 degrees C, and no change was detected at 4 degrees C for up to 5 days. Testosterone showed an(More)
Serum and urinary levels of unconjugated testosterone, dihydrotestosterone, and oestradiol were measured by specific radioimmunoassays in 10 healthy women in the early follicular phase of their menstrual cycle and in nine healthy women taking oral contraceptives. The contraceptive group had testosterone levels 1-3 times higher and dihydrotestosterone levels(More)
The 3C-like protease (3CL(pro)) of severe acute respiratory syndrome-associated coronavirus (SARS-CoV) is one of the most promising targets for discovery of drugs against SARS, because of its critical role in the viral life cycle. In this study, a natural compound called quercetin-3-beta-galactoside was identified as an inhibitor of the protease by(More)
Changes in circulating testosterone (T) and dihydrotestosterone (DHT) levels were investigated 2 days before and 2, 7, 30 and 60 days after retropubic prostatectomy in 28 patients with benign prostatic hypertrophy. Following operation the concentrations of both steroids declined and reached minimal levels 2 days after surgery. One month post-operatively(More)
The advent of focused library and virtual screening has reduced the disadvantage of combinatorial chemistry and changed it to a realizable and cost-effective tool in drug discovery. Usually, genetic algorithms (GAs) are used to quickly finding high-scoring molecules by sampling a small subset of the total combinatorial space. Therefore, scoring functions(More)
The NS2B cofactor is critical for proteolytic activation of the flavivirus NS3 protease. To elucidate the mechanism involved in NS2B-mediated activation of NS3 protease, molecular dynamic simulation, principal component analysis, molecular docking, mutagenesis, and bioassay studies were carried out on both the dengue virus NS3pro and NS2B-NS3pro systems.(More)