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Localization Algorithm Design and Implementation to Utilization RSSI and AOA of Zigbee
In this paper, we has implemented the localization algorithm through RSSI and AOA of Zigbee. Expand
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Greenhouse Environment Monitoring and Automatic Control System Based on Dew Condensation Prevention
Dew condensation on the leaf surface of greenhouse crops causes diseases by fungus, and thus badly affecting the growth of the crops. In this paper, we present a WSN based automatic control system toExpand
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AoA Localization System Design and Implementation Based on Zigbee for Applying Greenhouse
In this paper, we showed AoA localization system design and implementation based on Zigbee for applying Greenhouse. The proposed system can be realized with low-cost. Our system can provide variousExpand
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Accuracy Estimation of Hybrid Mode Localization Method Based on RSSI of Zigbee
The Zigbee support RSSI (Received Signal Strength Indicator) for localization measurement. Expand
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Inverter Efficiency Analysis Model Based on Solar Power Estimation Using Solar Radiation
The photovoltaic (PV) industry is an important part of the renewable energy industry. Expand
AoA Localization System based on Zigbee Experimentation and Realization
The technique of localization is the core technology for information exchange or environment monitering to measure the position of an object or person. Today, the techniques of localization have beenExpand
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Design and Development of University Asset Management systems
This paper demonstrates the design and development of asset management systems suitable for the universities full of very various kind of assets. Universities consists of many departments, which haveExpand
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A Study on Applying Renewable Energy for Low-Power Event-based Sampling Sensor Node in Greenhouse
As the technology of wireless sensor network (WSN) is being developed, the power supply for sensor node applicable to various environments has become an issue. Algorithm, optimal hardware and otherExpand
Livestock Searching System on Mobile Devices Using 2D-Barcode
We have designed and implemented livestock searching system on mobile devices using 2D-Barcode. Expand
A study on a Ratiometric GPS Iteration algorithm for indoor localization
In this paper, we suggest a new localization algorithm called a Ratiometric GPS Iteration (RGI) algorithm using the GPS and the RVI. Expand
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