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Population Genetic Structure of the Ark Shell Scapharca broughtonii Schrenck from Korea, China, and Russia Based on COI Gene Sequences
Haplotype distribution, gene flow, and population genetic structure of the ark shell (Scapharca broughtonii) were studied using a partial sequence of a mitochondrial COI gene. The sequence analysisExpand
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Variation of Body Composition and Survival Rate According to Spawning of Pacific Oyster, (Crassostrea gigas) in Gamak Bay
In 2007, 43.5% mortality of the cultured oyster population occurred in Gamak Bay. Mortality rapidly increase in September and peak in October. To prevent future mass-mortality event, we investigatedExpand
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Effects of stocking density on the cage culture of Korean rockfish (Sebastes schlegeli)
Abstract To investigate the effects of stocking density on Korean rockfish culture, two rearing experiments, each including three densities and lasting 1 year, were performed. In the firstExpand
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Survey on Perkinsus Species in Manila Clam Ruditapes philippinarum in Korean Waters Using Species-Specific PCR
We investigated possible infection with Perkinsus olseni and/or P. honshuensis in Manila clams in Korean waters using Perkinsus species-specific PCR. Ray’s fluid thioglycollate medium assay revealedExpand
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Reproductive Cycle of the Red Marbled Rockfish Sebastiscus tertius
The aim of the present study was to analyze the reductive cycle of the red marbled rockfi sh Sebastiscus tertius. The analysis was based on annual changes in the gonadosomatic index (GSI), theExpand
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Early growth and reproduction of hatchery-produced Pacific oyster Crassostrea gigas in Gamakman Bay off the southern coast of Korea
We investigated the early growth and reproduction of hatchery-produced Pacific oysters Crassostrea gigas raised in a suspended long-line facility in Gamakman Bay, off the south coast of Korea. InExpand
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Attachment and growth of vegetative propagules of Chondria crassicaulis Harvey (Ceramiales, Rhodophyta) under various culture conditions
The red alga Chondria crassicaulis has a wide‐ranging bioactive chemical composition and is used as a local foodstuff, representing a potentially new cultivar in Korea. The cultivation techniquesExpand