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This paper deals with e-tourism, innovation and growth. The Internet is revolutionising the distribution of tourism information and sales. The Korean small and medium-sized tourism enterprises (SMTEs) with well-developed and innovative Web sites can now have " equal Internet access " to international tourism markets. This paper examines problems and(More)
The paper develops a model of destination competitiveness that will enable comparison between countries and between tourism sector industries. The model seeks to capture the main elements of competitiveness highlighted in the general literature, while appreciating the special issues involved in exploring the notion of destination competitiveness as(More)
The common soft keyboard on touchscreens for numerous emerging smart devices requires users to look repeatedly at their fingertip locations. To reduce this visual dependency on size-restricted touchscreens, chorded keyboards have been restudied recently. However, one of their intrinsic problems, learning difficulty, limits their widespread use. Here, we(More)
The utilization of Information Technology (IT) is spreading in tourism industry with explosive growth of Internet, Social Network Service (SNS) through smart phone applications. Especially, since intensive information has high value on tourism area, IT is becoming a crucial factor in the tourism industry. The smart tourism is explained as an holistic(More)
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