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This paper presents the design considerations of a project to develop a real-time, secure operating system for parallel, heterogeneous processing systems. The system will support software technologies required to develop and effectively use secure scalable and distributed high performance computing technologies. Examples of target technologies include(More)
This study was designed to evaluate the prevalence of chromosomal abnormalities and to identify the specific abnormalities associated with poor prognosis. A total of 2,474 patients whose conventional cytogenetics were available at the time of diagnosis were evaluated via a nationwide registry. Normal metaphase cytogenetics was observed in 2,012 patients(More)
The robots operating in hazardous environments such as nuclear plant decommissioning or terrorist bomb disposal need to show off-road capabilities due to the uneven terrain including stairs and ditches. The hazardous environment operation typically requires the use of a remotely operated robot. In this paper we propose an improved articulated track(More)
I n parallel with advances in the design of real-timt systems there is an increasing need fo r real-time systems that can provide multi-level security. This need is highlighted b y the DOD's endorsed move towards integrated avionics to enable real-time avionics and tactical applications t o share a common processing platform. A generic Integrated Avion.ics(More)
Since an atomic force microscope is used to measure sub-nanometer level precision, it is sensitive to external vibration. If the vibration can be measured by using an additional sensor, we can obtain the vibration-free signal by subtracting the vibration signal from the signal containing the vibration. To achieve a highly effective vibration rejection(More)
Vibration is a key factor to be considered when designing the mechanical components of a high precision and high speed atomic force microscope (AFM). It is required to design the mechanical components so that they have resonant frequencies higher than the external and internal vibration frequencies. In this work, the mechanical vibration in a conventional(More)