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The use of digital cameras is prevalent. Although the cost of digital photographs is low, managing numerous digital photos is burdensome to most users. An intelligent management tool for digital photos is needed. We propose a novel clustering algorithm for concurrent digital photos obtained from multiple cameras. Since previous photo clustering methods can(More)
Due to the popular use of digital cameras and the growing capacity of storage, managing a large collection of digital photos is a burdensome job for the average customers. One distinct feature of current digital photos is that image contents are embedded with metadata EXIF, which varies among digital camera manufactures. Since these metadata have abundant(More)
According to the popular use of digital camera,a traveler group carries multiple cameras for the same event. Previous studies on digital photo focused on massive unrelated photos or collections of a private user. But group travelers can carry several cameras and take photos simultaneously at the same time. Thus, an effective management for group photos is(More)
With the popularization of digital cameras, the use of several cameras by group photographers at the same event is becoming common. Photographers can share their contents and even take pictures of each other. So it is becoming important to manage concurrent photos from multiple cameras in order to classify many accumulated photos into proper clusters. In(More)
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