Chul Hoon Park

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Alcohol drinking during pregnancy results in abnormal fetal development, including fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) in humans and experimental animals. FAS is characterized by two major effects, including central nervous system (CNS) dysfunction and multiple anomalies recognizable mainly as a typical face. However, the mechanisms of alcohol-induced(More)
This study was undertaken to compare the sensitivity of screening test methods and to investigate the structure-activity relationships of the estrogenic activity of alkylphenolic compounds (APs) using in vitro and in vivo assays. Two in vitro systems, MCF-7 cell proliferation (E-screen assay) and competitive binding assay to estrogen receptor (ER), were(More)
Morphologic and physiologic studies have established that filtered proteins are absorbed in the proximal tubule by endocytosis and transported to the lysosomes for degradation. The tubular absorption, hydrolysis and accumulation of albumin were examined in all three segments of the rabbit proximal tubule. S1, S2 and S3 segments were dissected and perfused(More)
The time course and vectorial nature of renal metabolism of albumin (Alb) were studied. The tubular absorption, accumulation, and hydrolysis of Alb and the release of the hydrolysis products were determined in the isolated rabbit proximal convoluted tubule (PCT) perfused with tritiated Alb ([3H3C]Alb) at 36.4 micrograms/ml. The Alb absorption across the(More)
Acidic intracellular compartments were identified in cells of isolated perfused rabbit proximal convoluted tubules (PCT) with the weak base, N-(3-[(2,4-dinitrophenyl)amino]propyl)-N-(3-aminopropyl)methylamine, dihydrochloride (DAMP), a congener of dinitrophenol (DNP) and immunogold staining at the ultrastructural level in Lowicryl-embedded tissue. DAMP is(More)
The lysosomal-vacuolar system in the proximal tubule is responsible for reabsorption and degradation of proteins from the glomerular filtrate. In this study we mapped the activity of the lysosomal proteinases, cathepsins B and L, along the rabbit proximal tubule and compared cathepsin activities with the volume of lysosomes and endocytic vacuoles in the(More)
Alcohol consumption during pregnancy results in morphological abnormalities in the fetuses of humans and experimental animals, and is referred to as fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). However, the molecular mechanism underlying FAS has not been completely elucidated. The aim of the present study was to investigate the potential molecular mechanisms of(More)
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