Chul Hoi Koo

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PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to develop a prediction model for the characteristics of older adults with depression using the decision tree method. METHODS A large dataset from the 2008 Korean Elderly Survey was used and data of 14,970 elderly people were analyzed. Target variable was depression and 53 input variables were general characteristics,(More)
We present low temperature magnetometry measurements on a new Mn3 single-molecule magnet in which the quantum tunneling of magnetization (QTM) displays clear evidence for quantum mechanical selection rules. A QTM resonance appearing only at high temperatures demonstrates tunneling between excited states with spin projections differing by a multiple of(More)
Thermodynamic properties as well as low-energy magnon excitations of S = 1 honeycomb-layered Na3Ni2SbO6 have been investigated by high-resolution dilatometry, static magnetisation, and highfrequency electron spin resonance studies in magnetic fields up to 16 T. At TN = 16.5 K, there is a tricritical point separating two distinct antiferromagnetic phases AF1(More)
The neurotoxic effects of inorganic lead are known to include peripheral neuropathy in adults and encephalopathy in children. The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of inorganic lead (PbCl2) administration on norepinephrinergic neurons of the locus ceruleus in neonatal rats by immunocytochemical and electron microscopic analyses. Lead(More)
In order to study the physical properties and origin of the Galactic worm GW46.4+5.5, we have carried out high-resolution (∼3) HI and CO (J=1−0) line observations and analyzed available infrared and radio emission survey data. GW46.4+5.5 appears as a long (∼8), filamentary structure extending vertically from the Galactic plane in both medianfiltered(More)
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