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In this paper, we propose a green (G)-channel restoration for a red-white-blue (RWB) color filter array (CFA) image sensor using the dual sampling technique. By using white (W) pixels instead of G pixels, the RWB CFA provides high-sensitivity imaging and an improved signal-to-noise ratio compared to the Bayer CFA. However, owing to this high sensitivity,(More)
A multispectral filter array (MSFA) image sensor with red, green, blue and near-infrared (NIR) filters is useful for various imaging applications with the advantages that it obtains color information and NIR information simultaneously. Because the MSFA image sensor needs to acquire invisible band information, it is necessary to remove the IR cut-offfilter(More)
We proposed optical gas sensors based on PLCs integrated with SnO 2 thin films. SnO 2 thin film was placed on the core layer appeared by removing the upper cladding layer of PLC. The propagation loss is analyzed using 2-D finite-difference time-domain method as a function of refractive index change of SnO 2 thin film. The propagation loss of 0.18 dB was(More)
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