Chuiling Wong

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Novel, porous NiCo2O4 nanotubes (NCO-NTs) are prepared by a single-spinneret electrospinning technique followed by calcination in air. The obtained NCO-NTs display a one-dimensional architecture with a porous structure and hollow interiors. The effect of precursor concentration on the morphologies of the products is investigated. Due to their unique(More)
Novel eggroll-like CaSnO(3) nanotubes have been prepared by a single spinneret electrospinning method followed by calcination in air for the first time. The electrospun sample as a lithium-ion battery electrode material exhibited improved cycling stability and rate capability by virtue of the high surface area and unique hollow interior structure, compared(More)
CaSnO₃ nanotubes are successfully prepared by a single spinneret electrospinning technique. The characterized results indicate that the well-crystallized one-dimensional (1D) CaSnO₃ nanostructures consist of about 10 nm nanocrystals, which interconnect to form nanofibers, nanotubes, and ruptured nanobelts after calcination. The diameter and wall thickness(More)
Hierarchical CaCo2O4 nanofibers (denoted as CCO-NFs) with a unique hierarchical structure have been prepared by a facile electrospinning method and subsequent calcination in air. The as-prepared CCO-NFs are composed of well-defined ultrathin nanoplates that arrange themselves in an oriented manner to form one-dimensional (1D) hierarchical structures. The(More)
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