Chui Young Yoon

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The information technology (IT) capability of an enterprise is very important for the efficient execution of its management activities and to improve task performance in an IT environment. Appropriate measures are necessary for a firm to gauge, manage and improve enterprise IT capability. This research presents a 17-item scale that can efficiently measure(More)
0950-7051/$ see front matter Published by Elsevier doi:10.1016/j.knosys.2009.06.006 * Tel.: +82 43 261 3327; fax: +82 43 262 2265. E-mail addresses:, yoon The proliferation of end-user computing has necessitated the development of reliable and valid instruments that can measure an end-user computing competency for improving an(More)
A measurement model for personal information competency was developed to measure individual information competency in an enterprise of the information environment. The model measures the requirements of information technology knowledge, the capability of information application, the potential for individual information capability, and information mindset(More)
This study developed an evaluation system that efficiently examines and interprets an end-user computing competency in a computing environment. The evaluation system has an evaluation model, evaluation method and process, and an interpretation system. The validity and reliability of the developed model construct was verified by factor and reliability(More)
E-business management requires end-user e-business capability for performing their given tasks and improving their business performance in an e-business environment. A measurement tool for end-user e-business competency is designed by the measurement factors and items, a measurement system, and process and method. This tool Is developed by factor analysis(More)