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(HSDPA) offered data rates of 10.8 Mbps, the increased data rates can support the delivery of richer mobile multimedia contents to end-users. With the growing demand in data throughput, the IEEE 802.16e promises to deliver high data rates over large areas to a large number of users in the near future. This exciting technology can rapidly provide broadband(More)
— In order to extend the coverage of wireless communication to metropolitan scale, the Worldwide Inter-operability for Microwave Access (WiMAX) standard was developed and ratified as the IEEE 802.16d standard in June 2004. The standard defines an adaptive modulation framework which allows a WiMAX system to communicate with various burst profiles according(More)
A switching dc-dc hverter in closed-loop steady-state constitutes an operating point in the space of parameters describing its model. The inadequacy of conventional design of regulated converters, which is based on the assumption of small-signal perturbations about a single operating point, is addressed. A systematic and general modelling based on a(More)
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