Chuen-Yi Tong

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To research whether poly-L-lysine-starch nanoparticle (PLL-StNP) could protect DNA from ultrasound damage or not, a series experiments were carried out: plasmid DNA-PLL-StNP complexes were treated with ultrasound for diverse times; the electrophoresis result proved that DNA bound to the complexes all the same. To investigate whether the conjugated DNA was(More)
The binding of Co(NH3)6(3+), delta-Co(en)3(3+) and delta-Rh(en)3(3+) to the dodecanucleotide d(CAATCCGGATTG)2 has been studied by 1H NMR. Addition of Co(NH3)6(3+), delta-Co(en)3(3+) or delta-Rh(en)3(3+) to d(CAATCCGGATTG)2 induce a similar pattern of chemical shift movements of the dodecanucleotide base protons. Analysis of the chemical shift changes as a(More)
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