Chuen-Sung Tsai

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A recent issue of Bone Marrow Transplantation reported that BM-derived MSCs (BMMSCs) could promote engraftment in pediatric recipients of unrelated donor umbilical cord blood. 1 Resnick et al. 2 found that intraoss-eous injection of BMMSCs could improve hematopoietic engraftment. Previous studies have also demonstrated that cotransplantation of BMMSCs and(More)
Like many malignancies, increased glucose uptake is also found in activated inflammatory cells that raise great interest in the applications of FDG in evaluating inflammatory and infectious disorders. 18 F-FDG has been shown to accumulate in inflamed tissue including autoimmune induced vasculitis and inflamed athero-sclerotic lesions. Advantages of FDG(More)
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