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In the photolithography processing of semiconductor, line width is smaller and smaller. Therefore, the requirements of process window are stricter than before. In the small line width, the formation of serious white wall will affect line width and cause rejects in following process. The study conducted research on the control of best focus in which(More)
The issue of how to transfer a pattern onto a wafer during photolithography is very important. Normally, the resist is treated as a patterntransferring medium. Such a medium should have a very smooth surface to reduce the focus error. In this experiment, spin coating is used. The velocity of the center differs from that of the outer edges of a rotating(More)
The inclusion of a healing chamber in dental implants has been shown to promote biological healing. In this paper, a novel numerical approach to the design of the healing chamber for additive-manufactured dental implants is proposed. This study developed an algorithm for the modeling of bone growth and employed finite element method in ANSYS to facilitate(More)
In semi-conductor photo-lithography processing, line-width is constantly shrinking. That is why process window requirements are becoming stricter. Under these strict conditions, the influences of focus and pattern length are more important. This investigation tries to explore the deviation of best focus and the variation in pattern length resulting from the(More)
To investigate the properties of lead sulfide (PbS) nanocrystals, we have prepared PbS nanocrystals on/in the porous alumina membrane with a pore diameter 20 nm. Utilizing the reaction of Pb wires and the hydrogen sulfide (H2S) gas, PbS nanocrystals produced and grew as the reaction time increased. The composition identification of the nanocrystals was(More)
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