Chueh-Hao Yu

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This paper presents a LED driver for visible light communication (VLC) application, and the main purpose is to solve the low data rate problem used to be in switching type LED driver. The GaN power device is used to replace the traditional silicon power device of switching LED driver in this paper for the purpose of increasing switching frequency of(More)
This paper discusses the design of a 90 nm CMOS IV 10-bit lGS/s current-steering D/A converter. The proposed design operates under low supply voltage of IV and gives a large differential full- scale output of 0.5 Vppd. A wide full-scale current range of 2-10 mA is designed and the output impedance of the DAC is optimized for different full-scale currents by(More)
This paper presents the design of a 90 nm CMOS 1 V 10-bit 400MS/s digital-to-analog converter. Current-steering architecture segmented into 6 MSB unary and 4 LSB binary-weighted cells is employed for high-speed operations. The low voltage design with a large differential full-scale output voltage 0.5 V<sub>pp</sub> is presented. The post-layout simulation(More)
The Light-Emitting Diode (LED) driver is an important part of Visible Light Communication (VLC) systems. The main challenge of the VLC LED driver is to offer a high data transmission rate with high power efficiency. This paper presents the design of a white light LED driver that combines the LED lighting with VLC technology. The proposed LED driver uses(More)
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