Chudi Guan

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A variety of proteins, including glycosylasparaginase, have recently been found to activate functions by self-catalyzed peptide bond rearrangements from single-chain precursors. Here we present the 1.9 A crystal structures of glycosylasparaginase precursors that are able to autoproteolyze via an N --> O acyl shift. Several conserved residues are aligned(More)
A stable heterodimeric protein containing a single correctly folded catalytic domain (SCD) of T7 endonuclease I was produced by means of a trans-splicing intein system. As predicted by a model presented earlier, purified SCD protein acts a non-specific nicking endonuclease on normal linear DNA. The SCD retains some ability to recognize and cleave a deviated(More)
Sulfolobus islandicus rod shaped virus 2 (SIRV2) infects the archaeon Sulfolobus islandicus at extreme temperature (70°C-80°C) and acidity (pH 3). SIRV2 encodes a Holliday junction resolving enzyme (SIRV2 Hjr) that has been proposed as a key enzyme in SIRV2 genome replication. The molecular mechanism for SIRV2 Hjr four-way junction cleavage bias, minimal(More)
Two genes in the Escherichia coli genome, ypdE and ypdF, have been cloned and expressed, and their products have been purified. YpdF is shown to be a metalloenzyme with Xaa-Pro aminopeptidase activity and limited methionine aminopeptidase activity. Genes homologous to ypdF are widely distributed in bacterial species. The unique feature in the sequences of(More)
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