Chuda B. Basnet

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This paper presents a multi-period inventory lot-sizing scenario, where there are multiple products and multiple suppliers. We consider a situation where the demand of multiple discrete products is known over a planning horizon. Each of these products can be sourced from a set of approved suppliers, a supplier-dependent transaction cost applying for each(More)
Flexible manufacturing systems (FMS) are distinguished by the use of computer control in place of the hard automation usually found in transfer lines. The high investment required for a FMS and the potential of FMS as a strategic competitive tool make it attractive to engage in research in this area. This paper presents a review of literature concerning the(More)
We report on a decision support system (DSS) that recommends solutions to a particular version of the vehicle routing problem occurring in the New Zealand dairy industry. FleetManager is a DSS developed for use by New Zealand milk tanker schedulers and is designed to aid them in creating or improving milk tanker routes using their experience and(More)
This paper describes the research efforts in the Center for Computer Integrated Manufacturing at the Oklahoma State University to develop an object-oriented modeling environment. After providing the underlying motivation for the research effort, some of the major research tasks are described. Highlights of this development effort are: physical and(More)
Internal supply chain refers to the chain of activities within a company that concludes with providing a product to the customer. This process involves multiple functions within companies – sales, production, and distribution. It is obvious that these functions need to be integrated in order to provide good customer service. However, there is no consensus(More)