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Image retrievaf based on semantic contents involves extraction, modelling and indexing of content information. While extraction of abstract contents is a hard problem, it is only part of the bigger picture. In this paper we use knowledge about the semantic contents of images to improve retrieval effectiveness. In particular we use Word Net, an electronic(More)
We make use of a reened E-R model to represent the contents of pictures. We propose remedies to handle mismatches which may arise due to diierences in perception of picture contents. An iconic user interface for visual query construction is presented. A naive user can specify his/her intention without learning a query language. A function which computes the(More)
Image retrieval based on semantic contents aims to facilitate intuitive and effective retrieval for the unsophisticated user. We demonstrate a system which employs several techniques to maximize retrieval effectiveness while providing user friendly querying. Our system consists of an icon-based visual query tool with a dynamic object/attribute library and a(More)
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