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In this paper, we describe the wiki markup language WikiCreole, how it was developed, and related work. Creole does not replace existing markup, but instead enables wiki users to transfer content seamlessly across wikis, and for novice users to contribute more easily. In proposing a subset of markup elements that is as non-controversial as possible, this(More)
In becoming wiki editors, non-technical users face many obstacles, one of the largest being that every wiki has its own unique syntax. A common wiki markup would facilitate not only learning and teaching wikis, but also developing advanced wiki editors and tools. The wiki markup standard should be intuitive and unlikely to interfere with existing text.(More)
Researchers at Accelrys Inc., USA, have used computational techniques to predict and analyze transmembrane proteins.. The technique revealed that TransMem, as implemented in the GCG package and DS GeneAtlas, is the best method available today for predicting trans-membrane domains in protein sequences. These findings will enable researchers to accurately(More)
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