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Creating a portrait in the style of a particular artistic tradition or a particular artist is a difficult problem. Elusive to codify algorithmically, the nebulous qualities which combine to form artwork are often well captured using example-based approaches. These methods place the artist in the process, often during system training, in the hope that their(More)
This paper presents a detailed description of the process of motion capture, whereby sensor information from a performer is transformed into an articulated, hierarchical rigid-body object. We describe the gathering of the data, the real-time construction of a virtual skeleton which a director can use for immediate feedback, and the offline processing which(More)
Methods of balancing call registration and paging are developed in this paper. Given that the probability distribution on the user location as a function of time is either known or can be calculated, previous work shows the existence of lower bounds on the average cost of paging. Here these bounds are used in conjunction with a Poisson incoming-call arrival(More)
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