Chuck Howell

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It 's quiet out there.., yeah, TOO quiet. No feedback this time, so I'll stumble on with a mixture of newsgroup clippings and websites drawn together by no discernible pattern. The clippings and W W W sites (?cites?) are getting blurred in particular, W W W pages have clippable nuggets of information (e.g., the IBM information on fun with Year 2000 issues)(More)
This paper presents an overview of the Common Ada Programming Support Environment (APSE) Interface Set (CAIS), its purpose, and its history. The paper describes an internal research and development effort at the MITRE Corporation to implement a prototype version of the current CAIS specification and to rehost existing Ada software development tools onto the(More)
• Testing and Validation: Testing to provide evidence of robustness differs in focus from general software testing to demonstrate functional behavior. A great deal of emphasis must be placed on demonstrating that, even under stressful conditions, the software does not exhibit fragile behavior. This requires a considerable amount of fault injection, boundary(More)
A meeting of the CAIS Impl ementor' s Group (CIG) was held in conjunctio n with the AdaJUG/SIGAda meeting in Boston the week of 18. . 22 November. The meeting began at 19 :00 on Wednesday 20 November, with approximatel y forty people attending. H. Mumm of NOSC reported that NOSC intended to award the CAIS version 2 contract in early December and the KIT(More)
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