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Autonomous off-road navigation is central to several important applications of unmanned ground vehicles. This requires the ability to detect obstacles in vegetation. We examine the prospects for doing so with scanning ladar and with a linear array of 2.2 GHz micro-impulse radar transceivers. For ladar, we summarize our work to date on algorithms for(More)
The present study describes the preclinical pharmacology of a highly selective 5-HT1D receptor agonist PNU-142633. PNU-142633 binds with a Ki of 6 nm at the human 5-HT1D receptor and a Ki of> 18 000 nm at the human 5-HT1B receptor. The intrinsic activity of PNU-142633 at the human 5-HT1D receptor was determined to be 70% that of 5-HT in a cytosensor(More)
The effects of osmotic cell swelling were studied on the kinetics of Cl-dependent K+ influx, K-Cl cotransport, in erythrocytes from sheep of the low K+ (LK) phenotype. Swelling approximately 25% stimulated transport by increasing maximum velocity (Jmax) approximately 1.5-fold and by increasing apparent affinity for external K (Ko) nearly twofold.(More)
The changes in hormonal responsiveness of corpora lutea produced by a single injection of hCG or ovine LH were studied in PMSG-treated immature rats with well-characterized corpora lutea of different ages. The hormonal response was measured as LH-stimulated accumulation of cyclic AMP in isolated, whole corpora lutea and, in some experiments, as LH(More)
The unmanned ground combat vehicle (UGCV) design evolved by the SAIC team on the DARPA UGCV Program is summarized in this paper. This UGCV design provides exceptional performance against all of the program metrics and incorporates key attributes essential for high performance robotic combat vehicles. This performance includes protection against 7.62 mm(More)
The effects of LH, FSH and PGE2 on the accumulation of cyclic AMP by isolated whole ovaries from 23-24 day-old rats were studied in time-course experiments in presence and absence of two inhibitors of protein synthesis, puromycin and cycloheximide. In absence of these inhibitors ovarian cyclic AMP levels reached peak levels within 30 min for all three(More)
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