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Corticotropin-releasing hormone (CRH) and arginine vasopressin (AVP) are expressed in cells of the immune system where they exert immunomodulatory roles, but these neuropeptides are poorly characterized in human immune tissues. The aim of this study was to determine concentrations and distribution of CRH and AVP in nonactivated human peripheral blood(More)
The effects of deafness on brain structure and function have been studied using animal models of congenital deafness that include surgical ablation of the organ of Corti, acoustic trauma, ototoxic drugs, and hereditary deafness. This report describes the morphologic plasticity of auditory nerve synapses in response to ototoxic deafening and chronic(More)
isualization has let scientists gain an understanding of their data that was not previously possible. However, lack of integration among the various software modules often separates the visual-ization process from the computation that generates the data. VizCraft is a problem-solving environment that aids designers during the configuration design of a(More)
We describe a visualization tool to aid aircraft designers during the conceptual design stage. The conceptual design for an aircraft is defined by a vector of 10-30 parameters. The goal is to find a vector that minimizes an objective function while meeting a series of constraints. VizCraft integrates the simulation code that evaluates the design with(More)
In the early stages of the design process of aerospace vehicles, the search for optimal configurations encompasses a broad range of possibilities, and the use of local optimization tools may risk missing the best designs. Therefore, global optimization methods are attractive for the early design stage. Unfortunately, global design optimization usually(More)
An important limitation in T cell studies of human autoimmune (type 1) diabetes is lack of direct access to cells infiltrating the pancreas. We hypothesized that cells recently released from the pancreas into the blood might express a characteristic combination of markers of activation. We therefore examined the recently activated circulating T cell(More)