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Text information in natural scene images serves as important clues for many image-based applications such as scene understanding, content-based image retrieval, assistive navigation, and automatic geocoding. However, locating text from a complex background with multiple colors is a challenging task. In this paper, we explore a new framework to detect text(More)
Recognizing text character from natural scene images is a challenging problem due to background interferences and multiple character patterns. Scene Text Character (STC) recognition, which generally includes feature representation to model character structure and multi-class classification to predict label and score of character class, mostly plays a(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel framework to extract text regions from scene images with complex backgrounds and multiple text appearances. This framework consists of three main steps: boundary clustering (BC), stroke segmentation, and string fragment classification. In BC, we propose a new bigram-color-uniformity-based method to model both text and(More)
In this paper, we propose a novel algorithm to detect text information from natural scene images. Scene text classification and detection are still open research topics. Our proposed algorithm is able to model both character appearance and structure to generate representative and discriminative text descriptors. The contributions of this paper include three(More)
Text characters and strings in natural scene can provide valuable information for many applications. Extracting text directly from natural scene images or videos is a challenging task because of diverse text patterns and variant background interferences. This paper proposes a method of scene text recognition from detected text regions. In text detection,(More)
Independent travel is a well known challenge for blind or visually impaired persons. In this paper, we propose a computer vision-based indoor wayfinding system for assisting blind people to independently access unfamiliar buildings. In order to find different rooms (i.e. an office, a lab, or a bathroom) and other building amenities (i.e. an exit or an(More)
We propose a camera-based assistive text reading framework to help blind persons read text labels and product packaging from hand-held objects in their daily lives. To isolate the object from cluttered backgrounds or other surrounding objects in the camera view, we first propose an efficient and effective motionbased method to define a region of interest(More)
Text signage as visual indicators in natural scene plays an important role in navigation and notification in our daily life. Most previous methods of scene text extraction are developed from a single scene image. In this paper, we propose a multi-frame based scene text recognition method by tracking text regions in a video captured by a moving camera. The(More)