Chuanying Chen

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Intermolecular ion pairs (salt bridges) are crucial for protein-DNA association. For two protein-DNA complexes, we demonstrate that the ion pairs of protein side-chain NH3+ and DNA phosphate groups undergo dynamic transitions between distinct states in which the charged moieties are either in direct contact or separated by water. While the crystal(More)
BACKGROUND Intracavitary electrocardiogram (IC ECG) guidance emerges as a new technique for peripherally inserted central catheters (PICCs) placement and demonstrates many potential advantages in recent observational studies. AIMS To determine whether IC ECG-guided PICCs provide more accurate positioning of catheter tips compared to conventional(More)
Basic side chains play major roles in recognition of nucleic acids by proteins. However, dynamic properties of these positively charged side chains are not well understood. In this work, we studied changes in conformational dynamics of basic side chains upon protein-DNA association for the zinc-finger protein Egr-1. By nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR)(More)
International oil market is presented as a complex system with non-linear characteristics, in which oil price is affected by a set of different factors. In order to test if the international oil price chaotic or not, the Phase Space Reconstruction Technique (PSRT) is used to reorder the time series, and the methods of improved G-P algorithm, non-bias(More)
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