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Dimension reduction methods including feature selection and feature extraction have played an important role in data mining and pattern recognition. In this study, we propose a novel unsupervised feature selection approach based on sparse representation theory, namely Sparsity Score (SS). Due to the sparse representation procedure, SS not only owns the(More)
A combustion flame method is developed for the convenient and scalable fabrication of single- and dual-doped carbon quantum dots (CQDs) (N-CQDs, B-CQDs, P-CQDs, and S-CQDs and dual-doped B,N-CQDs, P,N-CQDs, and S,N-CQDs), and the doping contents can be easily adjusted by simply changing the concentrations of precursors in ethanol. These single/dual-doped(More)
Heteroatom (N, P, and B)-codoped nanocarbons (NPBC) with nanoporous morphology are fabricated via a facile one-step pyrolysis method and exhibit good electrocatalytic activity, durability, and selectivity for the oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) in alkaline media. The ORR activity of NPBC is better than single- (nitrogen-doped carbon (NC)) or dual-doped(More)
The phosphate functionalized carbon dots (PCDs) with high biocompatibility and low toxicity can be used as efficient additives for the construction of laccase/PCDs hybrids catalyst. A series of experiments indicated that the activity of laccase/PCDs was higher than that of free laccase (increased by 47.7%). When laccase/PCDs hybrids catalyst was irradiated(More)
A new technique for the refractive index change with high-sensitivity measurements was proposed by the digital image of porous silicon (PSi) microarray utilization in this paper. Under the irradiation of a He-Ne laser, the surface images of the PSi array cells with the microcavity structure were obtained by the digital imaging equipment, whereas the(More)
Ontology is widely used in semantic computing and reasoning, and various biomedicine ontologies have become institutionalized to make the heterogeneous knowledge computationally amenable. Relation words, especially verbs, play an important role when describing the interaction between biological entities in molecular function, biological process, and(More)
A new method for extracting the dots is proposed by the reflected light image of porous silicon (PSi) microarray utilization in this paper. The method consists of three parts: pretreatment, tilt correction and spot segmentation. First, based on the characteristics of different components in HSV (Hue, Saturation, Value) space, a special pretreatment is(More)
Mining Protein-Protein Interactions (PPIs) from the fast-growing biomedical literature resources has been proven as an effective approach for the identification of biological regulatory networks. This paper presents a novel method based on the idea of Interaction Relation Ontology (IRO), which specifies and organises words of various proteins interaction(More)
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